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Business Story

Why this business was started



My partner and I started this business together for the following reasons:

  • We are both huge lovers of health, wellbeing and overall living a quality life!

  • We both strongly believe that the environment we place ourselves in truly reflects who are!

  • We both personally need to use our products everyday in our apartment for the proven health benefits and we both found it VERY difficult to source good quality products! This frustrated us immensely!

  • We then realised we had both identified a gap in the market for modern, good quality and aesthetically pleasing products!

  • The gap in the market is HUGE and has enormous potential. Our large customer base are crying out for our products. This is incredibly important as in current times, health is at the forefront of everything we do and is the most important aspect of our lives!

  • The scientifically proven health benefits of our products is unbelievable! Our products are beneficial in aiding dry skin, allergies, sinus infections and the list goes on! My partner and I both currently use our products and appreciate the quality of life they provide us with!

  • There is honestly nothing better than walking into a room where the air smells crisp, clean and aromatic! It immediately lifts your spirits and can almost certainly put a smile on your face!

The reason of selling this business


Our business has provided us both with so many amazing opportunities, with an income stream that we both could never dream of! It has honestly been a dream come true! And to be completely honest, this is actually a very difficult question to answer, as we both honestly do not want to sell our business!

We have both spent so much time building our business to be where it is today, we spent MANY hours building this store to the level that it is at today and we are both so proud and truly love and cherish the business greatly! It has honestly been a life changing experience building this store and it has provided us both with a whole new way of life! It’s incredible! It will honestly change your life, as it has ours, and will open up so many opportunities for you! If you are looking for your opportunity, then this is it!

You are probably thinking, if this business is so good, then why would we sell it? The honest answer and only reason that we are selling the business is that my partner was offered and has recently accepted his dream job in the UK and together we are set to move there in September. My partner is going back to full-time work and with the whole relocating from Australia to the UK, we will just not have the time that we currently have had in lockdown and working from home to run the business and both strongly feel that we should pass this amazing business opportunity onto another deserving person.

I should also add, the other HUGE & EXCITING reason is that we are both expecting our first baby in December YAY!

It is very safe to say 2020 has already been such a rollercoaster haha! We truly have some exciting times ahead! And with all of that going on, we will 100% not be able to give our amazing business the love and time it deserves!

We are fortunate enough to have had this opportunity and are both extremely grateful that we have the opportunity to pass it onto some other amazing person/s! We are both very honest, open and supportive people who truly believe we are providing the right person with an once in a lifetime opportunity!

We also strongly believe in complete transparency and understand how important it is that we back up our words with credible and reliable data of our store’s success!

We are able to provide you with Shopify Verified analytics of our store, and when you review the information provided to you, you will clearly be able to see the following:

  • The outstanding success we have had with our business;
  • The proven performance our business has had;
  • The amazing growth our business has had, especially in such a short space of time;
  • The incredible amount of traffic our store has; and
  • The absolutely HUGE profit margins our business provides.

When you take the above verified Shopify sales information and couple it with our ongoing guidance and support, it becomes clear that you truly have such an amazing opportunity!

What's involved in running this business

To be completely honest, there isn’t much at all involved in running this business.

As previously mentioned, we have a full-time virtual assistant who takes care of 90% of the daily tasks. They look after all customer service, orders, social media, inboxes, comments, emails, etc etc.

We have also developed and will provide you with a VERY comprehensive business and customer service information manual. This manual has tons of detailed information on literally everything that is involved in running the store with customer specific FAQ's included in the document.

We have also spent A LOT of time researching for a quality and reliable buying agent. We have simple direct and ongoing contact with our buying agent every day via Skype.

Our buying agent is able to do the following:

  • Provide amazing and outstanding support for minimal cost;
  • Source all of our products for a MUCH cheaper price than offered on sites like AliExpress etc.;
  • Store all of our products in his warehouse;
  • Quality inspect all products prior to be shipped out to our customers;
  • Work autonomously with our Virtual Assistant to solve all customer issues;
  • Provide us with daily updates on stock and any issues with shipping;
  • Automatically provide tracking numbers to ALL of our customers via email;
  • Provide us with a list of all countries that are able to be shipped to;
  • Provide advice on which products are best to sell and ship and will be more profitable for us; and
  • Plenty more, as he and his team are always available for assistance!

The only involvement that my partner and I have is the following:

  • Keep track of good and/or bad selling products;
  • Identify new products that can be sold on our store;
  • Add/remove new and/or old products to the store;
  • Develop marketing ideas and store promotions;
  • Upload Instagram posts and/stories;
  • Communicate with our Virtual Assistant and Buying Agent 1-2 times per day; and
  • Pay invoices at the end of each week and/month.

The above mentioned tasks are basically the only things that we complete on a weekly basis. This means minimal effort with maximum sales!

We have already spent A LOT of time, effort, research and money on developing the best selling Facebook ads that are VERY profitable. We even recently trialled running ZERO ads and/or marketing for the business and we still cleared very good daily profit. This can be attributed to the hard work and research we invested in the business early on, which we are now reaping the rewards for and will continue to improve over time.

The store is now VERY self-sufficient and over time has developed outstanding organic reach for sales.

We trialled MANY types of advertising on Facebook ads manager to identify what works best for our business and after gathering all of the information over an extended period of time, we identified a winning formula! We were making huge sales on minimal advertising! We will be able to provide you with the exact marketing we currently use and all of the data that goes with it.

We even recently tested this out! After identifying and implementing a strong winning formula for marketing, we were then curious as to what sales we could potentially make without any spending at all on marketing! We had finally cracked how to make amazing sales through spending money on ads and marketing, however, how would we go with purely organic sales?

This lead us to experiment with running ZERO ads and/or marketing at all, and to our astonishment, we actually still made great organic sales, with ZERO spend. This means that even if you don't have any income to spend on marketing, you will STILL make profits. Absolutely outstanding! This is made evident in our sales analytics, you will see we had amazing sales throughout the months of April and May, then sales tapered off in the month of June, which is where we experimented with ZERO marketing spend. You will see that we still made a great amount of sales and profit in that time, even without spending a cent of marketing and/or ads, amazing!

We also both spent A LOT of time, effort, research and money on ensuring the stores SEO is top-notch and very good. We are currently and will continue to reap the rewards and benefits of putting the time and effort into improving our stores SEO to a 5 Star level.

We have also spent A LOT of time, effort and money on improving our stores website speed. We strongly believe that the overall customer experience is the most important thing for our store.

We are BIG believers in not cutting corners, taking shortcuts and doing things right the first time to ensure the best possible outcome, even if it came at a cost. We spent a lot of our own money on this business to get it where it is today, and we are very happy that we can now pass this time, effort and energy onto another person/s!

In the time we have spent building and developing this store, the main thing we have learnt is that our customers want a fast, accurate, informative and overall fantastic looking store, that provides fantastic products to our customers!! We have both worked so very hard to provide this to our amazing customers and that coupled with the fact that we provide equally outstanding customer service is both a winner and game-changer!

We have put the effort in so that you don’t have to! Trust us when we say that we will support you through every step and stage of the process, both now and on-going into the future!

We are both proactive, supportive and team-players! We want this business to succeed as much as you do!

The outstanding success and proven performance of our businesses is evident in the stores Shopify Business Analytics, which are both true to date and completely unedited. When you review the analytics, you will clearly see the absolutely amazing growth our business has had, as well as the HUGE profit margins on offer for you!

When you review our business analytics provided by Shopify themselves, it will be evident businesses proven performance, amazing growth and HUGE profit margins.

When you take the above mentioned information and couple it with our undivided support and ongoing guidance, you will see there is only upwards growth and positives for you! We have done all the hard work for you and this means that you will only succeed!

This listing is only private as we are only interested in genuine buyers and no time wasters.

If you are truly interested in this business, contact us and we will provide you with all the stores data, statistics, analytics and more.

This business was founded: about 2 years ago
Time to run this business: approximately 10 hours per week

Traffic and Performance

  • Avg. revenue /month
  • Avg. sessions /month19,012Verified
  • Avg. profit /month
  • Inventory value
  • Profit Margin47%
  • Avg. sales /month4,878
Other details about profit: WE HAVE 2500 HUMIDIFIERS AND 3500 10 PACKS OF FILTERS INCLUDED IN THE SALE - THIS WILL OFFSET THE BUSINESS SALE PRICE IMMENSELY. Shopify lists our store in the top 1% of ALL stores created at the same time as ours. This is firm and credible proof that our business is among the best and most profitable in the world. We have invested A LOT in the following to help us achieve the greatest amount profit with minimal amount of time and effort: - We have achieved full business autonomy. - We have put A LOT of time and effort into streamlining and simplifying the everyday processes so we could achieve maximum profit for minimal work. - We cannot emphasise how much personal time, effort and energy we put into this business to make it succeed and have it running completely autonomously on its own accord, albeit with the assistance of a Virtual Assistant. - We invested A LOT of time in finding a reliable Buying Agent that is able to: 1. Source our products at a MUCH cheaper price 2. Store our products in his warehouse 3. Ship the orders directly to our customers. This saves us an immense of time, money and energy in the sales process! - We spent A LOT of personal time, energy and money on SEO and improving our organic reach. Even if you decided not to spend a cent on advertising and/or marketing, you will easily still pull 3-5k sales per week. - Organic sales are huge, massive sales potential with ZERO spend on marketing. That means you literally do not have to do anything at all and the sales will still come in daily. - We have reached a very large number of followers on our socials. Instagram is 11k+ followers and FB is 5k+! All of our followers have been natural and organic, we pride ourselves on being a reputable business that provides great customer service, this results in a high following on our socials! - We are able to provide our customers with fast and accurate service, which increases our return customers. - Our product pricing formula is perfectly designed to attract the most sales, whilst providing us with the most profit per sale. - Our stores layout and design has been perfected over time and ranks as one of the best Shopify stores currently available! - We invested A LOT of time, effort and energy to create an easy to use, attractive and successful store. You WILL make profits; it is only how much profit you will make!
Total revenue
  • $325,570
  • Revenue data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller
    Total traffic
  • 475,323Visits
  • Traffic data comes directly from Shopify and cannot be edited by the seller


    • Shopify plan
    • Inventory warehouse
    • Domain
    • Paid Apps
    • Facebook Ad Manager

    Sale Includes

    • Physical inventory

    • Logo and branding assets

      We will provide you with absolutely everything that you'll need for the branding and design aspect of the business! This will include a fully complete and comprehensive style and brand guideline which will include the following: - All images; - All designs with templates; - All colour codes; - All branding specifications and details; - All social media templates; and - Anything else we are able to provide you with!
    • Personal support after sale

      We will provide you with any and all support, guidance and/or assistance you may require in taking over the business. We were both brought up in Rural Australia and were taught to always be open, honest and trustworthy people, no matter what! We aren’t selling our business for it to fail! We are selling it to see it continue to SUCCEED! It honestly does not matter to us if you are extremely experienced or only a beginner at e-commerce, we will give you our utmost support and guidance regardless! We are providing you with the opportunity of a lifetime, and we will take gratitude in seeing that come to fruition and seeing our business succeed and be prosperous for a very long time! That is why we will provide ongoing support to the new owner of the business, for as long as required! Whatever you need and whenever you need it, we will be there. That is our promise to you!
    • Domain

    • Product photos

      We are able to provide you with all the original and unique product photos and videos that we have personally taken of all our products! Having all unique product images and videos is huge, as this will set you apart from the competitors, as you will have actual authentic media to use for the products and all the business marketing! We will also provide you with one of each product! This is HUGE as it means you are then able to create your own unique and authentic photos and/or videos of the products! Having one of each product will also allow you to promote the products for marketing and promotional purposes! You can then send the products to influencers to promote the business and gain you HUGE amounts of extra sales, customers and followers! We will also provide you with anything extra that you may require. We are here to help you!
    • Social media

      Total followers17,000subscribers
    • Suppliers

      - Virtual Assistant - Buying Agent - Website/Store Developer All details will be provided to you.
    • Mailing List


    Seller‘s Advice

    How to grow this business



    We will work with you! We will assist you every step of the way! We are hard-working and honest Aussies that want to make this exciting step as simple and straightforward as possible for you!

    We found that our store had amazing interest and growth immediately. We quickly found out that there is a HUGE market for our products, especially being that we are currently in a global health pandemic, we have seen exponential growth for health-related products! Our products have been selling non-stop every single day, every single week and every single month!

    We cannot emphasise enough how much of an increase and demand we have experienced for health related products since the global pandemic!

    We have done a lot of research in regards to the health benefits of our products and were able to document all of the amazing benefits in several of our well viewed blogs.

    If we were to be completely honest, this business is currently booming and we have not had any decline in demand since we started, in fact it has been much to the contrary! The demand has only increased each month! And it will 100% continue to increase for you!

    To continue growing this business, we would only recommend keeping in time with new and unique products. We currently have anywhere between 8-14 products listed on our store, and we are always keeping tabs about which products are the best sellers. We then use all the Shopify reports to identify which products aren’t selling as well, and we simply replace them with new products! It is honestly that simple!

    The only other advice we would give to the future owner/s is that it’s always worth investing in express shipping couriers, as we are constantly selling out of products and occasionally struggle to keep up with the enormous consumer demand.

    We have super high business activity, both direct and organic, and we find that between all of our customer inquiries and positive feedback, we always have customers asking if we are able to express ship our products! Which we are! We only hope that the future owner will continue this for our amazing and wonderful repeat and future customers!

    Skills to have

    To take over ownership of this business, you would only need a very basic understanding of how e-commerce works!

    We started this business with absolutely no experience at all! We learnt everything as we went along and built this store to what it is today! Trust us, if we can do it, you can too!

    We actually already have a virtual assistant who looks after 90% of the daily operations! Our VA handles all customer service, socials and emails! You literally do not need to do anything at all! You only need to arrange weekly payments to the virtual assistant and sit back and watch the sales and outstanding profits roll in!

    Having a Virtual Assistant will automate 90% of the everyday tasks. You will only need to touch base every now and then to keep updated. Our virtual assistant is very responsive and easily contactable on Skype. Always online and very experienced.

    If you think that it cannot possibly be that simple, it honestly is. Please review our recent sales and Shopify reports. You will clearly see the enormous amount of sales, revenue and potential that we have experiences and is absolutely possible and currently on offer for you!

    We also have all of the contacts for people who wrote our blogs!

    Lily W.Current store owner


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